Our reclaimed teak roots, selected from plantations harvested up to 50 years ago, are hand extracted, allowing for an eco-friendly, low impact, soft footprint on the land so reforestation can replenish this renewable resource.


Our Indonesian artisans use their imaginations and traditional techniques teasing out the inherent beauty of this highly desirable hardwood, just as generations before them.

Teak wood is naturally weather-resistant and virtually immune to rotting due to its high rubber and natural oil content.  These natural properties not only protect the teak wood from extreme hot & cold temperatures, but from humidity and insects as well.


Its durability in withstanding the elements plus its natural water repellant properties have made teak wood sought after for generations in naval building applications and furniture crafting.


Our pieces are personally selected or commissioned by Rusty Davidson on his yearly trips to artisan studios and workshops around the world.  Our inventory is constantly evolving to include additional treasures, art and furniture pieces.




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