The Davidson brothers, Lane, Rusty and Allan, imagined the concept of Terlingua “language of the earth”, their retail concept in 1970 in downtown Calgary.  Between them, the brothers had traveled to over 100 different countries picking up oddities and striking tribal art pieces, being collectively struck by the indigenous art styles of the Middle East, Asia, and South America. Having made the decision to bring the treasures back for a North American market to appreciate, the adventure began.


Lane had originally started importation in the ‘60’s bringing Afghani wool socks

back to Canada for sale.  Rusty eventually expanded his wares to include the colorful Balinese kites and bright children’s clothing under the name “BaliZoo”, which one can still see in gallery today.


Over the next few years, Rusty began importing Teak Root furniture he found on the paths he was traveling in Java, Bali and Indonesia.  It is important to note that since 95% of the world’s teak stores had been wiped out by the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, the severest of penalties has been imposed upon the poachers of old growth Teak in the last 40 years.  The Indonesian government must certify the age of the teak roots and ensures that the wood is crafted into art pieces and furniture by native artisans prior to any exportation of this precious resource.  These strict regulations lead to the prestige, as testified by past clients, of owning any teak wood piece.


As the new millennium dawned, Rusty and his sons, Dustin & Jesse Davidson toured around the US and Canada to exhibitions and various themed-shows displaying the pieces of unique furniture created through outstanding craftsmanship and imagination.


In 2004, the business eventually re-opened in its current location as The Black Diamond Gallery.  We invite you to come and explore our collection of unique pieces at our year-round showroom in the historical town of Black Diamond, Alberta




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